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Once Upon A Doll began with my own love of dolls, especially hand made. My kids and I collect, play with, and love our dolls, and eventually I began to make dolls of my own. Although my dolls are based upon the principles of Waldorf doll making--natural and sustainably harvested materials (like wool stuffing and cotton interlock), hand spun and dyed wool yarns for hair, hand made doll clothes, 100% wool felt for shoes--my dolls cannot be called strictly Waldorf (more Waldorf-esque), as they have definite personalities, larger & more expressive eyes, and playful mouths. Once Upon A Doll features enchanted dolls made in the Waldorf tradition with a storybook theme for that special child in your life or the discriminating collector of handmade dolls.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Meet Ruby Gloom...a custom Manga-inspired doll...

 Ruby Gloom has a decidedly dark personality...
 She's adventurous, fearless, and tends to get into trouble...
 Her hand knitted dress, hose, and shoes are exact replicas of the original Manga character's outfit, hand knit especially for her by Maddie Bean.
 Her hand spun hair is made of three different yarns from the same ruby dye-lot--with LOTS of sparkle--thick, thin, and wire wrapped yarn (used to make those stylistic curls).
She sits and stands...and goes where she pleases. She will begin her journey to her new home tomorrow :)
Thanks so much for looking,
Once Upon A Doll

Thursday, January 17, 2013

TEASER...the face of a custom Ruby Gloom


And now for something completely different...a manga-inspired custom doll IN PROCESS based on the character Ruby Gloom...everything on her face is hand embroidered except the eyebrows and freckles (drawn with permanent fabric pen)...
 She will have a hand-knitted outfit (the tulle skirt poofs out her skirt adorably, and reminds me a bit of cobwebs)...
 I think little Miss Ruby looks much better as a doll handmade in the Waldorf tradition than this mass-produced version, don't you?

Another doll is in process as well...stay tuned for a "chocolate octopus" themed girl with the most GORGEOUS hair...
Until next time,
Once Upon A Doll

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meet Edward Cullen...a very special custom doll

 You've already met Renesmee and Bella Cullen...
well very soon the family will be reunited forever!
 Edward is a very special custom doll: his hair, made of hand spun art yarns by various artisans, sparkles in the sun like...well, the SUN!
 He wears the Cullen Crest Cuff on his wrist, and an exact copy of the grey pea coat he wore in the first Twilight movie!
 His eyes are liquid amber (you're SAFE--he recently fed) and itty bitty vampire fangs, of course.
 Edward's shoes are contrasting 100% wool felt to match his coat and hair.
 Edward's hair has been made in a VERY unusual fashion...each strand in front painstakingly secured so that it can flip backwards...
Edward is a very special fellow...a deep thinker...lover of music...he's spent much of his time upon this earth developing himself and trying to unravel the meaning of an undead existence...but then he fell in love with Bella, and they conceived Renesmee, and "continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever."

Edward will be making the journey to join his family in his new home tomorrow!
Blessings to you,
Once Upon A Doll