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Once Upon A Doll began with my own love of dolls, especially hand made. My kids and I collect, play with, and love our dolls, and eventually I began to make dolls of my own. Although my dolls are based upon the principles of Waldorf doll making--natural and sustainably harvested materials (like wool stuffing and cotton interlock), hand spun and dyed wool yarns for hair, hand made doll clothes, 100% wool felt for shoes--my dolls cannot be called strictly Waldorf (more Waldorf-esque), as they have definite personalities, larger & more expressive eyes, and playful mouths. Once Upon A Doll features enchanted dolls made in the Waldorf tradition with a storybook theme for that special child in your life or the discriminating collector of handmade dolls.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Meet Iris...a Rainbow Princess

Little Iris simply shimmers with personality...from her unusually hued blue eyes, to her iridescent rainbow mouth...
 She sits unassisted...
 ...and is QUITE the playful minx, really!
Her hair is buttery soft hand spun rainbow wool yarn, with raspberry mohair and rainbow wool curly dreads...
 Her rainbow dress and boots are knitted by Turtlekeeper Designs!
Iris wants me to tell you that she's waiting for you to love, just listed in my Etsy shop!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Once Upon A Doll

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meet Autumn...she LOVES Halloween and sushi

Meet little Autumn...she loves SUSHI...

...and PUMPKINS...
Autumn has winsome teardrop eyes and hair is the color of the pumpkin patch and fall leaves, cut into a graduated bob.
 She has the most adorable white bloomers under her sushi dress, and a shrimp sushi hair clip!
Autumn has decided to be a Jack-o-lantern for Halloween...see how she shimmers in her sweet sequined costume!
Autumn is already, SOLD, but I am working on three new delightful dolls that will soon be available for you to enjoy!
Once Upon A Doll

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bruce wants to be the HULK for Halloween!

Did you love Joss Whedon's The Avengers movie as much as I did? Bruce LOVED this movie, and although he thought every character was spectacular, his favorite BY FAR was the Incredible Hulk. He loves to walk around saying, "Puny god."

Sooo... as Halloween, approaches, this little guy decided to be the HULK for Halloween!
He is wearing an adorable shirt and shorts HULK out fit by Nanerjoy, with green 100% wool felt shoes (purple ties, of course) and even has an Incredible Hulk trick or treat bag (with purple and green crayons...and some paper to color on as well).
 Bruce easily stands or sits...
 He has gorgeous sparkling deep purple hair made of hand spun merino wool made by Yarn Rescue....and even some squiggly/curly green high lights! Just LOOK at his boyish messy do...
Unlike some dolls, Bruce's hair has many, many layers, and looks "real" from all angles...even upside down (for boyish rough housing and adventures)!
 Wendy (who loves Tinkerbell) and Bruce (who loves the Hulk) are BOTH ready for Halloween fun!
Both listed in my Etsy shop right now :)
Once Upon A Doll Etsy Shop (Wendy and Bruce)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Once Upon a Doll