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Once Upon A Doll began with my own love of dolls, especially hand made. My kids and I collect, play with, and love our dolls, and eventually I began to make dolls of my own. Although my dolls are based upon the principles of Waldorf doll making--natural and sustainably harvested materials (like wool stuffing and cotton interlock), hand spun and dyed wool yarns for hair, hand made doll clothes, 100% wool felt for shoes--my dolls cannot be called strictly Waldorf (more Waldorf-esque), as they have definite personalities, larger & more expressive eyes, and playful mouths. Once Upon A Doll features enchanted dolls made in the Waldorf tradition with a storybook theme for that special child in your life or the discriminating collector of handmade dolls.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tris Prior...a custom doll from the Divergent series by Veronica Roth

 Beatrice Prior is a very special custom doll--a 16 year old girl who lives in a dystopian future wherein each person chooses his or her own "faction". Although born into Abnegation, Tris (short for Beatrice) chooses Dauntless.
 Tris has three tattoos, each highly symbolic: three ravens to signify her family across her collarbone, the Dauntless flames on her left shoulder, and the Abnegation helping hands on her right shoulder.
Her chosen faction is Dauntless--and she is QUITE an adventurous spirit!
Her hair is a stunning mix of three different hand spun mohair art yarns, with incredible shine and dimension. These photos just don't capture its spectacular luminescence!
 The Dauntless color is black, and the Dauntless tend to wear showier clothing
(notice how her black spandex dress shows off her tats).
Tris wears a necklace that has the three ravens that symbolize her family flying away (both her parents are dead, and her brother is a traitor), with the phrase "I'll be your family now" (spoken to her by her boyfriend, Four.)

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